The arena of mortgage refinancing is increasing every day. People understand the economics of mortgage refinancing.
Looking to get 100% finance for your home loan. Are you left with no cash while looking for a home mortgage loan?
How’s it possible that a home loan with a lower rate of interest could cost you more than an alternative loan at a higher rate? Here’s how. Check out this example Julie and Rob take out a home loan of $200,000 over 30 years.

Loan Modification – Help For Hard Times

Loan Modification - Help For Hard TimesLoan Modification is not a new option for those in a financial hardship situation, but lately it has become much more wide-spread. This is due to President Obama’s Making Home Affordable Plan. With the signing of his program, it has become easier to obtain one of these reworked mortgages. You should definitely look into this program.

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What Is My Credit Score And How Does It Affect My Mortgage?

What Is My Credit Score And How Does It Affect My Mortgage?Basics

Your credit report usually has three different credit scores.

Each score is from one of the three credit bureaus.

A mortgage lender usually uses the middle of the three credit scores. This is known as a “mid score”.

Your credit scores from different bureaus are usually within a similar range. For example, your credit scores may be:

720 706 691 Sometimes there is a substantial Read More

FHA Bailout? Not According to FHA

FHA Bailout? Not According to FHADespite diminished reserves, FHA Commissioner David H. Stevens insists the Federal Housing Administration does not need financial support from the federal government. As a federal agency charged with supporting the housing market in the government’s effort to recover from the current housing crisis, FHA is taking it upon themselves to prevent itself from falling victim to the housing Read More

Mortgage Basics – There Are Only Two Kinds of Mortgage

Mortgage Basics - There Are Only Two Kinds of MortgageLast year when I dealt with my mortgage clients I would search through up to 50,000 schemes in order to find them the best deal. Tonight I only have about 10,000 schemes available, and if you were to take the repetition out of this (i. e. deal A is 6% with a f1995 fee, deal B – same lender – is 6.5% with a f1000 fee, deal C – same lender again – is 7% with no fee) there is probably only 1000 schemes Read More

I Want to Refinance But How Do I Make a Decision?

I Want to Refinance But How Do I Make a Decision?Even for the experienced property investors, choosing a housing loan is never an easy task. For the home owners who are refinancing for the first time, the process can be very daunting. It is not just about the lowest interest rates. There are in fact many other factors to consider, and every one of them has to be carefully thought through before deciding on the most appropriate Read More

Should You Refinance – Or Get a Line of Credit?

Should You Refinance - Or Get a Line of Credit?Credit and Refinance

We all like to think we could pay cash for everything. We all like to believe that if we don’t have the money to buy it now, we should simply wait. But the fact is, credit makes the world go around. Without it, demand dries up, commerce slows down to dangerous levels, and jobs are lost.

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Bad Credit Remortgage Loan – Get Rid of High Interest Mortgage Conveniently

Bad Credit Remortgage Loan - Get Rid of High Interest Mortgage ConvenientlyIf you are making higher payments on your present mortgage on a regular basis, then certainly your financial resources will be under a lot of pressure. So, it would be optimal for you to look for ways in order to reduce the burden. You can do so by replacing the current mortgage with a new one, but what if you are having bad credit problems? Even then, there is no need to be worried, Read More