We decided we are going to GIVE AWAY A TANKCHAIR for Veteran’s Day.  We  have a venue that has been offered and 2 sponsors.  We are going to do this through the  If anyone wants to help, I can guarantee tears of joy for a reward and some cold beer at the reveal.  Please contact or PM Liz as she is in charge of putting this together.  If you were lucky enough to be at the last reveal, you know how much fun it is.

The Cop Chair

Investigator Bill Weigt received the Speedster that was donated to him on May 24, 2012.

This Speedster was custom designed and built for Investigator Bill Weigt. It comes equipped with lights, sirens, and more.


A special thanks to those who donated for the cause. Including companies who donated parts and labor, such as; TC Mobility, Fusion Powder Coating, PG Drives Technology, Articulate Motion, and more.

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Josh Brown, drum major from Denison, Texas

Help Joshua Brown march in 2012!

Joshua Brown is a sixteen year old sophmore in Denison, Texas. For the last five years he has been a percussion student in the Yellowjacket Band program. He successfully made the DHS drum-line last spring, and plays snare drum with the marching band.

Unfortunately, Joshua was born with Ullrich’s muscular dystrophy, and is unable to join his fellow drummers on the field in his wheelchair. He needs to be able to maneuver hands-free so he can drum with his snare mounted within reach, and stay in time with the rest of the band. It is quite a request, but definitely within the realm of technology.

Hopefully, with a wheelchair built by TC Mobility, and a car-load of prayers, we can make this happen!

Support Josh today with a directed donation to his fund »
(Be sure to select “Yes, this is in honor of someone.” Type “Joshua Brown” into the field that comes up, so that we know to direct your donation to build his custom chair.)

Help us build a Tankchair for Josh – donate to his fund today!


Liz Soden Foundation helps to make another dream come true

We recently partnered with the Phoenix Suns to provide a Speedster chair to a deserving fan. Check out this letter his mother sent us!

Jonny’s first wheelchair was a manual one, and he always had to ask people to push him in it when he had to go far.  When he moved to an electric scooter, he could go many more places by himself than before, but he was still very limited as far as places that were far away, and also the scooter was slower than his friends could go, so they always had to wait for him.
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