The arena of mortgage refinancing is increasing every day. People understand the economics of mortgage refinancing.
Looking to get 100% finance for your home loan. Are you left with no cash while looking for a home mortgage loan?
How’s it possible that a home loan with a lower rate of interest could cost you more than an alternative loan at a higher rate? Here’s how. Check out this example Julie and Rob take out a home loan of $200,000 over 30 years.

Determine Whether You Are Eligible to Obtain a Mortgage

Determine Whether You Are Eligible to Obtain a MortgagePerhaps you are like many others, who live paycheck to paycheck. So what is the first thing you should do if you are serious about buying a new home? Of course, understanding your credit score and where it falls against the National average and against lender requirements is very important. Credit can be complicated so seeking advice in this matter isn’t a bad idea. After getting a good look at your Read More

Mortgage Loan Modification – Does it Affect Your Credit Score?

Mortgage Loan Modification - Does it Affect Your Credit Score?Your credit rating is one of the most important things for you to protect. If you have already fallen behind on payments then you have begun damaging your credit. If one of the payments that you’ve fallen behind on is your mortgage, there have not been many options to help you. Bad credit will keep you from qualifying for any of the traditional help for lowering your mortgage payments, such as a refinance. Read More

Stated Income Mortgage Loan – Get Approved Online

Stated Income Mortgage Loan - Get Approved OnlineA stated income or no doc mortgage loan allows individuals with difficult to document income to buy a home. With a documented credit score and reasonably stated income, you can qualify for a mortgage at a slightly higher rate. Online mortgage lenders allow you to easily compare rates on stated income mortgage loans, guaranteeing that you get the best rate.

Getting Started

To apply for a stated Read More

The Bridging Finance Process Explained

The Bridging Finance Process ExplainedThis is a method whereby your bank, or other financial institution, sends you money in lieu of your house note or future appreciation of your property. Even a vested third party can be sent funds from this account, based on who owes who, and when the first party is expected to pay the other party.


Take for instance: suppose that you want to add-on to or renovate your home, but you don’t Read More

Different Types of Mobile Home Loans

Different Types of Mobile Home LoansAre you in the market for a mobile home loan? Do you know the different types of mobile home loans that are available? There are three basic types and they are conventional, non conventional, and government mobile home loans. All of these types are a mortgage of some sort against your mobile home and possibly the land.

The government loans are typically the type that help with your down payments Read More

Adjustable Rate Home Mortgage – Tips For Homeowners Who Need to Refinance Their ARM Home Loan

Adjustable Rate Home Mortgage - Tips For Homeowners Who Need to Refinance Their ARM Home LoanThere are a lot of people across the country who are in adjustable home mortgage loans that will be resetting very soon. If you are among this group of nervous home owners and are not yet sure what you need to do then keep reading because this article will help you understand your options when you have a variable rate loan that is going to reset.

When Should I Start Thinking About Refinancing Read More

Is it a Bad Idea to Get a Mortgage Refinance?

Is it a Bad Idea to Get a Mortgage Refinance?If a mortgage refinance is done the right way, it can be very beneficial for a homeowner. However, doing it the wrong way will cost you money, time, and energy. Here are some reasons that a mortgage refinance may not be a good decision.

Unable to get a better interest rate. If the rate you currently have on your home loan is not much higher than the interest rates Read More